my photography  |  My Journey

Many years ago I got my hands on a very cheap DSLR camera with the clear intention to learn something about photography and get away from smartphone and point & shoot photography.  


But what truly changed my perception on photography was spending an evening with a friend from Vienna - an experienced photographer - who showed me how to manually adjust my low budget camera to get a clear photo of the Big Dipper star constellation in the night sky.


That experience fascinated me so much that I started a never-ending journey into professional photography.


Since then I made it a habit to have a camera with me at all times. I trained myself to see the world differently through the viewfinder of my camera by choosing the right lens. And I truly enjoy having captured a moment with a photo and then realising later that this moment will never come back. Photography is timeless art.


My academic education is Mathematics and Computer Science, holding a Master and a Doctoral degree in mathematics and being a post-doctoral researcher in mathematics at Cornell University in New York State in the United States many years back. My research areas were Probability Theory, Stochastic Processes and Analysis. I also started to code in various programming languages already at the age of 14 years, making money with commercial coding before I finished high school. Here are some selected books and papers I published over the years in my areas of research and expertise.

Over the years I grew into professional photography, doing commercial shootings and selling large prints of my photos within my network of clients and friends. Most of my photography is suitable for very large prints since I typically shoot with high resolution cameras from around 50 up to 150 megapixels on full frame or medium format sensors. I can even produce photos in the Gigapixel range if demanded by a client with special needs and interests; see photography on demand.


On weekends you will frequently find me at our photo studio and gallery which is opening in June 2023 after renovation:


Christian Bluhm Photography AG

Muenstergasse 18

CH-8001 Zurich



(No fix opening hours; appointments on request only; please click here)


I am interested in all business opportunities related to photography, be it

  • booking me for a special dedicated photo shooting
  • photoraphy on demand
  • Corporate Photography
  • Landscape Photography 
  • special photographic interests like vintage cameras (Leica, Hasselblad, Mamiya) or Black & White Photography (Leica-M Monochrom)
  • Fine Art Photography
  • Product Photography
  • Fashion Photography (beauty shooting, portraits, social media, special interests)
  • booking me for a special educational session on photography (I have plenty of teaching experience)
  • purchasing individual photos and prints from me 
  • furnishing a complete restaurant, office, hotel or other building with dedicated photography prints.

See here some examples on photo print production depending on framing, print material, passepartout, glass on top or not, etc.


Whatever it is you want to discuss: please contact me and I will get back to you as soon as possible. 

ME   |   (C) Photo by Nico Schaerer (www.nicoschaerer.com)

ME   |   At the Leica Summit 2023 at Leica's Headquarter in Wetzlar