Production of my photo prints for sales to clients goes exclusively through WhiteWall ( WhiteWall is the multiple winner of the TIPA World Awards 2013, 2017, 2020 & 2021 for the „Best Photo Lab Worldwide“ so you can count on quality if you order framed photo prints from me.


WhiteWall offers many different combinations of

  • print size
  • frames
  • photo print materials, etc.

and based on the many options to choose from its best to sit together with me in front of the computer in our gallery/studio and find via "click-and-see" the best combination for your own personal taste. I will then place the order at WhiteWall for you depending on your preferences and WhiteWall will ship the final product directly to an address specified by you. Below you find some examples out of many print options. 


Since my photography is "High Resolution Photography" most of my images are also suitable for the WhiteWall Masterprint which is the most expensive but also most exclusive production of photo prints and can be ordered up to a print dimension of  5.0m x 2.4m.  If you want to know more about WhiteWall Masterprints see here: Masterprint.

Photo Print Examples

Here are a few examples out of many variations of the scheme:

Scheme "Basel"  |  Profile 15mm  |  Maple Nature

Scheme "Basel"  |  Profile 15mm  |  Oak Nature

Scheme "Basel"  |  Profile 15mm  |  Maple White

Scheme "Vienna"  |  Profile 27mm  |  White

Scheme "Basel"  |  Profile 15mm  |  White Matte (non-glossy)

Scheme "Basel"  |  Profile 15mm  |  Oak Black

Scheme "Basel"  |  Profile 15mm  |  Black Matte (non-glossy)

Scheme "Vienna"  |  Profile 27mm  |  Oak Black

Scheme "Tokyo"  |  Profile 20mm  |  Black Matte (non-glossy)

Scheme "ArtBox"  |   Oak Nature

Scheme "SlimLine"  |  White

Here are a few examples for Passepartout options (out of various options):

Passepartout 12cm  |  Scheme "Basel"  |  Profile 15mm  |  Maple White

Passepartout 1cm

Passepartout 2cm

Passepartout 3cm

Passepartout 12cm  |  Black Frame