dedicated tools for every job & shooting

Getting it right in photography includes a conscious decision on gear to shoot with. That's why over the years I collected a lot of lenses for different shooting situations. For example, shooting wide angle landscape or architecture in high resolution often involves a camera-lens-system with shift functionality to avoid "falling lines" or to have less foreground and more background in the image. Camera-lens combinations with shift functionality are perfect for perspective correction but are also great for high resolution panorama stitching.


Another example of a shooting situation which requires special gear is Art Photography. I shot art in the past and since art happens in the natural environment of the artist, namely in the artist's studio, I typically go then for tethered shooting, means, the camera I am using for the shooting is connected to my Macbook Pro and the photography workflow includes working with the camera as well with a software called Capture One on my Macbook where the artist and I see live the image we are going to shoot. For Art Photography this is a big advantage since the artist (client) can follow the workflow live on the computer and check the outcome before taking the shot, including colour calibration and authenticity, image composition, etc. 


Independent of the mandate, if the client wants to live-follow the shooting, tethered shooting is always a great option since the client sees live how the mandated images will look like.


A last example out of many is people photography like beauty, fashion, portraits, etc. I love to shoot people with Leica cameras and Leica lenses with wide open aperture. Generally speaking, you can shoot people in photography with any camera and lens as long as the focal length is adequately chosen and the lens enables a wide open aperture. But Leica gear, at least in my own humble opinion, delivers that special "Leica look" which is very pleasant. 


For all three examples on how to choose dedicated gear for a dedicated photo shooting please find some examples below.


Below are a couple of sample images which would either have distortions in perspective or way off too much foreground if I would not have shifted the image plane to achieve straight lines and/or a more balanced blend between foreground and background.


Here is a short video clip how tethered shooting works. This clip and the images below were shot in the studio of Susana Anaya who has become a very well-know and highly respected artist through her exhibitions, galleries and sales with her colourful structured three-dimensional art. Susana says about her art the following: "I would describe my work as a labyrinth that arises by chance". If you want to have a look at her art or get in touch with her, see here (Instagram @s_u_s_a_n_a_a_n_a_y_a).

The images shot on that day were supposed to be shown in their native environment in the studio, not in a clean gallery environment and that's reflected in the images.

I was shooting the images with a Medium Format camera with a 100MP resolution so we had later in post-processing plenty of reserves to crop into the images and show the rich colours and structures in Susana's artwork.


Shooting Leica cameras and Leica lenses is always a highlight for me, be it for professional purposes or just for my own recreation and enjoyment. The two images below are shot with the Leica M10-Monochrom and the Summilux-M 90mm f/1.5 ASPH lens.