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I traveled the world over many years, seeing many different places, getting engaged with people from totally different cultures than the culture I grew up with. I always had a camera with me, catching that moment that never comes back with a photo that will remind me forever in what I experienced at that time.


The photos below are some samples from photo tours in two countries in Africa, namely, Tanzania and Morocco. Africa is the second largest continent on planet Earth. The ranking as "second largest" remains true on both dimensions, size or area and number of people living there. The African continent includes 54 countries and more than one billion people call Africa their home..


In Tanzania I had a private guide who has Maasai roots and brought me in touch with people from a Maasai village he knew well. I had the opportunity to capture images of the people and their village in a respectful way and with permission to publish the photos.


In Morocco I have a good friend whose wife owns a coffee shop in Marrakesh. Whenever I am in Morocco, he is my person to go to. During one of my trips to Morocco, he guided me on a tour to the Atlas mountains and brought me in touch with Berber people ("Amazighs") with whom he is friends. I was allowed to see their places, taking photos with permission to publish them, sharing freshly-baked bread with olive oil and Moroccan mint tee with people from the Berber village we visited on our tour.


Tanzania and Morocco are both African countries but totally different when it comes to geology, climate, people and culture. What they have in common though is the honest simple lifestyle native people like the Maasai or Berber naturally represent. And despite their simple and very straightforward approach to life, there is wisdom and sophistication in their way of living. Leonarda da Vinci expressed this in the following way:


Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication  (Leonardo da Vinci)