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Municipality of Schwyz (Switzerland)  |  February 2024

Singapore MORNING  |  FALL 2023



new york city Lights  |  february 2023

ALPA 12 PANO rosewood + Phase one iq4  |  february 2023

The ALPA 12 PANO (rosewood) is the ultimate technical camera for high resolution panorama stitching. I shoot the ALPA with my Phase One IQ4 Digital Back (medium format) and various Rodenstock lenses modified in tailor-made way for ALPA cameras. The image below was shot with the Rodenstock ALPA HR Alpagon 90mm f/5.6 lens which based on its focal length incorporates a moderate tele compression effect. If you want to learn more about ALPA cameras and lenses, see here:

The medium format sensor of the Phase One IQ4 Digital Back has a native resolution of 150MP and based on panorama stitching the image above has about 210MP since I shifted a bit to the right and the left. The image below shows a crop into the image above which reveals the resolution capacity of this camera system for large dimensional prints.

And here is an image with the front and back sides of this camera system and setup and an image from the camera in the field when shooting long exposures in Zurich.

New york city lights  |  JANUARY 2023

singapore city lights  |  December 2022