Photography on Demand

what does it stand for?

Let's say there is a special place somewhere on Planet Earth which means the world to you. Maybe you have some wonderful memories associated with that particular location. And now you want an experienced photographer to shoot dedicated photos of that place. Maybe you want a very large printed image of that memorable place at a four meter wall in your living room. Or you want your office building walls to become a "Fine Art Gallery", all prints on the wall thematically dealing with your special memorable location. This is what "photography on demand" is all about. You have a special photographic demand outside of mainstream and I can deliver the product in top notch quality and with target resolution to you. I can produce images beyond one GigaPixel resolution so print dimension is no issue. All you have to do is to get in touch for an initial appointment to discuss the project.


Here is an example on how this works. Let's say a client really loves this particular location in the Swiss mountains because she grew up in that valley close to Schwyz municipality in Switzerland. 

The client's wish is to get a most realistic image of her favorite location in Gigapixel dimension so she can order a print with a side length of four to five meter. She also explicitely mentions that she would like to stand in front of the image on the wall, getting really close to the print and still seeing no pixels and artefacts but sharp and clear details of the scene so that she discovers new details in the scene whenever she spends time standing in front of the print on the wall. 


That's were Gigapixel photography kicks-in. The final image has a resolution of about 1.3 Gigapixel which equates to 1300 Megapixel. Such an Image allows for incredible details in its print dimension. Let's crop/zoom into the red rectangle below.

Here is how this red rectangle section looks like in a Gigapixel image if we zoom into the image to test the effect of standing close to a large dimensional print:

When the digital Gigapixel image is fully developed in post-processing, I will discuss on the computer with the client the

  • final print dimension
  • print material 
  • glossy or matte finish
  • wooden frame or other material
  • style & design of the frame
  • passepartout: yes or now
  • pricing and delivery, etc.

The client will make her decisions and I will then kick-off production of the printed image. Photography on demand. Simple like that.


See here for some examples how prints will look like, depending on framing, print material, etc.